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City Tours in Santo Domingo, most recommended places

City Tours Service in Santo Domingo with Tourist Guide of all Languages

Do you want to know Santo Domingo? Santo Domingo Dominican Republic is a beautiful land worthy of admiration, it is rich in the beach and wildlife. It has many stories to tell and different places to visit such as: monuments, churches, cathedral, and a beautiful, totally old city that is the Colonial Zone. Going through all these places would take weeks, but if you come on vacation we will summarize for you and we will explain what sites to visit so you can get to know Santo Domingo.

We offer City tour in Santo Domingo with an experienced guide to explain all the sites you visit, for the following recommendation we base our own experiences and those of our clients, which are places you really should visit if you come to Santo Domingo.

City Tours in Zona Colonial and Parque Colon

Parque Colon in Zona Colonial

Parque Colón is one of the historical parks or squares of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo. Currently, the Colón Park is used as the main center of cultural activities and is also part of the World Heritage Site of Santo Domingo.

City Tours Parque los Tres Ojos in Santo Domingo

Los Tres Ojos National Park

Los Tres Ojos National Park is a cavern that has a freshwater lake, naturally divided into three lakes that can only be seen from inside and a single lake that can be seen without having to be inside. Located in Santo Domingo Este municipality in the Dominican Republic.

The lake was discovered in 1916, for the North American intervention. Its name refers to its three main lakes, but there is one more, only that the first three are the most visible, there is a fourth lake that can be seen from the surface without having to enter the cavern. There are indications that this cavern was attended by the natives of Hispaniola.

Tours in Faro a colon with tourist guide

Faro a Colon

This imposing monument and Dominican museum located in the eastern part of Santo Domingo, is dedicated to the memory of Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer and navigator whose four trips and efforts marked the beginning of the European colonization of the New World.

The Columbus Lighthouse is a huge cross-shaped concrete structure with a length of more than 230 meters long. The lighthouse projects vertical rays of light that form a large cross in the sky that can be seen for many kilometers.

Zona Colonial Tours with tourist guide

Alcazar de Colon

El Alcázar de Colón o Palacio Virreinal de Don Diego Colón es un palacio situado en la Ciudad Colonial de Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, que fue construido sobre un solar cercano a los farallones que miran hacia el río Ozama, concedido a Diego Colón, hijo primogénito del descubridor de América, Cristóbal Colón, por el rey Fernando el Católico, para que edificara una morada para él y sus descendientes en la isla La Española, a la cual llegó en 1509en calidad de gobernador y en donde actualmente funciona el Museo Alcázar de Colón

Tours around the presidential zone in Santo Domingo

Presidential Area in Santo Domingo

It is one of the most emblematic works of the Dominican Republic, in its interiol are the offices of both the president and the vice president. Tourists visit their surroundings and take photographs as a souvenir of one of the masterpieces of architecture. It was built under the command of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo

Tours of the oldest churches in Santo Domingo

Regina Agelorum Convent Church

This church was the first Dominican Monjas enclosure currently located in the Zona Colonial. This building dates from the year 1564 with a unique architecture that shows its antiquity. In the center of this is an Altal of absent main figures. Within the walls of this magnificent construction poetesses like Sr. Leonor de Ovando and Elvira de Mendoza wrote their famous writings

Tours around the presidential zone in Santo Domingo

Puerta Del Conde en Santo Domingo

A majestic fortified gate, vestige of the old colonial wall, at the end of Calle del Conde, a pedestrian street.